is a prominent social media personality creating content on the video-sharing platform, YouTube.

Since December, 2017 I have worked as his principal graphics, visual effects and animation designer.
Captain Canada & Discord Lower-thirds

CATEGORY:   2d animation
DATE:              February 25th, 2018
SUMMARY:    Over a period of a fifty-three days, I conceptualized, planned and prepared, produced and animated the Captain Canada and Discord lower-thirds for implementation into SpeirsTheAmazingHD's future published media.
Considerable ideation went towards contriving a visually unique adaptation of the traditionally taken approaches to lower-third creation and presentation. During pre-production, I composed a cursory draft for the client to view and approve for developmental progression, and to attain pertinent revision information if any adjustments were requested by the client. Additionally, this process is conducted to better facilitate the client in garnering a more definitive insight into my visual representation of the project's direction, before substantial work was effected. Following client approval and the implementation of a minor graphical modification, I transitioned into primary development. Utilizing a vector graphics editor, I designed and constructed the segments to be used in concurrence with several other individually created segments (i.e. top door, inner door, shield) to inevitably complete the components necessary for the animatic incorporation. Finally, I imported the aforementioned vector graphic files into a digital visual effects application individually and proceeded to aggregated and hand animate the pieces over a period of two-weeks. In succession to the final process, I compiled a preview video consisting of varied resolutions, full speed playback, half speed playback and still-images captured from assorted time intervals. The preview video was delivered alongside the completed project as a visual resource for the client.
Two Million Subscriber Merchandise Design

CATEGORY:    merchandise
DATE:               OCTOBER 23RD, 2018
SUMMARY:     In celebration of reaching two million subscribers on the video-sharing platform, YouTube, I was commissioned to conceive, conceptualize and produced a design for use in a limited time merchandise release.
Throughout the development period, I finalized four design concepts for client review and consideration. Following client review, a draft of concept v4.0 was selected for continuation. Alternative component testing on primary visual elements, as well closing adjustments and structural realignment were then completed in order to procure a final version. After said procurement, the finished product was delivered to the client and subsequently consigned to the manufacturing company for production and distribution.
Logo Redesign

CATEGORY:    rebranding
DATE:               OCTOBER 12TH, 2018
SUMMARY:     I was commissioned to produce a new adaptation of a previously integrated logo.
The redesigns centralized objective was to develop a strong visual framework as to culminate a modernized, clean and fluid aesthetic presentation. During the development processes, I meticulously adjusted the entirety of the compositions construct to formulate a symmetrically accurate shape through the use of a box-by-box process. I then began implementing and testing a multiplex of principle stylistic attributions. As a result, I was able to further establish the aforementioned visual framework and attain a presentable draft for initial client review. I then provided said draft to the client for consideration. The client approved the draft to continue on to the final stages of production. Further modifications were made to the core properties of the redesign in order to reach a final version. Once the final version was completed, it was provided to the client for review. The client approved the final version following the incorporation of a minor component. The completed project was then successfully delivered to the client.
3D Modeled Captures
In-game Captures
video editing
Z06 Corvette Reveal Video

DATE:               JUNE 12TH, 2018
SUMMARY:     I was commissioned to compose an effective narrative through the use of raw footage provided by the client.
As the video was slated for release the following day, and me gaining access to the footage the evening prior, I had approximately 6 hours to produce and deliver the final product. After reviewing the footage and isolating the workable clips into individual sections, I started compiling a rough draft of the video's timeline. Following that, I established the opening sequence and began constructing and rendering the visual effects. Continuing, I compiled the remaining portions of the video's timeline and introduced the musical elements, as well as segmented the clips to coincide with the acoustic cadence. In conclusion, I rendered the video and delivered it to the client.
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