is a startup online-based film production and distribution studio.
I founded Paragon Picture Studios in late 2015. I produced the visual effects and graphical elements for the website, social media pages, advertisements and promotional media. During that same period, I structured the core framework for the creative and administrative departments.
Web Graphics
These graphics were displayed selectively throughout the website to visually differentiate certain sections and for informational and promotional purposes.
Concept Art
Kingdom of Delrind - World Map

CATEGORY:   conceptual art
DATE:              DECEMBER, 2015
SUMMARY:    Over a period of one month, I illustrated the visual conceptualization for the online animated series, "Voyagers" principle fictional region of Delrind.
The concept consisted of completely unique cities, towns, villages, educational institutions, military regiments and independent fraction encampments/outposts. Additional, diverse environmental territories were implemented in relation to the delineated storyline. Considerable efforts were taken to maintain continuity across the visual conceptions and the evolving narrative.
I produced two trailers as a proof of concept for the planned online animated series "Voyagers". They were to be shown alongside a fundraising campaign for the series.
Voyagers - Official Trailer & Teaser Trailer

PROGRAM:    unreal engine/after effects/blender/photoshop/AUDACITY/sony vegas
DATE:              AUGUST 7TH, 2015
SUMMARY:    Over a period of a month and a half, I conceptualized, planned and produced the official trailer for the "Voyagers" online animated series.
After thousands of years since the fabled Great War, peace and prosperity has shown its face once more. The world, now a beacon of second chances, headway's on the path of unabridged reconciliation. Unified by a common cause, to repress the past from becoming the present. legend tells of a time when hope was nothing but a faded memory, swallowed by visions of utter darkness. Kingdoms fell, tyrants rose, and life once known well, became no more. Through the darkness came light, and a second chance was given. Humankind, now unified, rebuilt. Cultivated by the past, a new world was born and from the ashes arose peace. In the year 2996 PROS along the sea cliffs overlooking the port-side city of Skylight, a vast column of blinding light tears from the sky above. The questions now left to answer, could this event mark the return of the Voyagers? and if so, why?
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