My name is Noah and I am a multimedia designer working out of California, USA.

For the last ten years, I have enjoyed a continuous devotion for a range of artistic mediums. I began my creative adventure while doing abstract illustrations and paintings, immediately falling in love with the limitless avenues of imaginative expression that is possible through even the most basic of means; a pen and paper. I was hooked. From then on, I meticulously flooded each and every piece of paper that presented an empty space with the intricate drawings and doodles from my mind. To the probable dismay of my teachers, it became a habit. Soon thereafter, I discovered the interminable value in a computerized workflow and ultimately transitioned my artistic endeavors onto a digital platform. Since then I have worked to gain extensive knowledge in commercial and personal branding, marketing, and graphic design. But, I am always floored to learn and take on new challenges whenever presented. I strongly believe in meeting or exceeding the expectations of my clients and providing them with the best possible product. I am fortunate for the incredible opportunities I have been given thus far and am truly ecstatic to further push myself throughout every new opportunity I receive.

We are just getting started.