was developed for use in promotional and ADvertising media.
Utilizing the in-game video production systems featured in the Grand Theft Auto V Editor, I developed the stylized cinematic photographs shown below. In order to procure the footage necessary to capture these virtual moments, I was required to remain present for the prolongation of the unfolding scenes. Thereafter, I import the applicable media files into the Rockstar Editor and categorically cycled through the sequences to determine a starting point for the framing, focal length and distance blur of the composition. After the desired visual results are reached, 4k screenshots are taken using third-party software. Succeeding the export process, the unedited screenshots are cropped and re-exported under a higher-quality format. Finally, the adjusted screenshots are imported into a image manipulation software to modify the visual values through tone, hue, calibration adjustments, lens modulation, effects and alignment depth transformation.
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